TN5250J A terminal emulator written in Java





There are 3 modes provided: Basic, Enhanced, GUI Enhanced

Basic mode provides normal screen presentation. No extras are provided. This describes most of the emulators that I have used or downloaded and tried. Also; the tn5250 for linux falls in this category as well (Please; this is no slight on this emulator just an example for me to use without naming names. I used it until I started this project).

Enhanced mode provides other functions like cursor progression, windows, continued edit fields, edit masked fields, etc… This is where Client Access falls in (and more).

The GUI part comes in by manipulating the 5250 stream and painting the fields like gui constructs in windowing systems, gui looking popup windows in place of windows, painting the PF keys on the screen as buttons (hot spots) so when clicked it will send the appropriate aid key, as well as the enhanced functions described above. (See screen shots) This is basic gui enhancements that you can receive and interpret from the 5250 stream. At this time that is all tn5250j does. Maybe in the future it will become more advanced if and when I have the time (or I have help I do have a job).

There is a great article on systems that provide more enhanced/advanced green screen make over functions on the news400 site.

Other features provided are: