TN5250J A terminal emulator written in Java





RFC Documents

Document Description
RFC 854 Telnet Protocol Specification
RFC 855 Telnet Option Specifications
RFC 856 Telnet Binary Transmission
RFC 860 Telnet Timing Mark Option
RFC 885 Telnet End Of Record Option
RFC 1091 Telnet Terminal-Type Option
RFC 1205 5250 Telnet Interface
RFC 1572 Telnet Environment Option
RFC 2877 5250 Telnet Enhancements. This standard extends RFC 1205 and includes a useful list of references in section 13.

IBM Manuals

Document Description
SC30-3533-03 5494 Remote Control Unit, Functions Reference
SC41-5401-00 OS/400 Communications Configuration V4R1. Chapter 8 defines the parameters that may be passed to the AS/400 over the telnet connection to configure the display or printer device.