TN5250J A terminal emulator written in Java





These are the default key bindings. You can remap these by clicking on the map keys from the popup menu.

Key Description
F1 PF1
F2 PF2
F3 PF3
F4 PF4
F5 PF5
F6 PF6
F7 PF7
F8 PF8
F9 PF9
F10 PF10
F11 PF11
F12 PF12
Shift + F1 PF13
Shift + F2 PF14
Shift + F3 PF15
Shift + F4 PF16
Shift + F5 PF17
Shift + F6 PF18
Shift + F7 PF19
Shift + F8 PF20
Shift + F9 PF21
Shift + F10 PF22
Shift + F11 PF23
Shift + F12 PF24
Enter Field Exit
Ctrl Enter (note this includes both left and right control keys for jdk versions less than 1.4)
Shift + Esc System Request
Alt + -> Next Word
Alt + <- Prev Word
Alt + x Connect/Diconnect toggle
Alt + l Toggle ruler line vertical line, horizontal line, cross hair
Alt + r Reset
Alt + F1 Help
Alt + p Print Screen
Alt + h Host Print
Alt + d Display Attributes
Alt + c Copy
Alt + v Paste
Alt + m Display messages
Alt + n New Session
Alt + q Close session and remove from session tab panel
Alt + s Toggle Hotspots on and off
Alt + g Toggle GUI Interface on and off
Alt + t Transfer File
Insert Toggle insert mode (cursor changes shape to half height cursor) Right shift of field characters in insert mode
Delete Delete character (with left shift of field characters)
BackSpace Delete Previous Character (with left shift of field characters)
Keypad plus Field Positive Key (works like field exit in non numeric fields)
Keypad minus Field Minus Key
Tab Next Field
Shift + Tab Prev Field
Home Home position
End End of field
Alt + PageUp Next Session
Alt + PageDn Previous Session
Alt + O Debug output mode (see not below)

Alt + O (not zero) by itself will turn on debugging mode that I use for testing and will probably slow down the session painting because it outputs all input data streams to log.txt and to the screen. I will take this out as soon as I can. If you have any other suggestions or key combinations for this let me know!!!!!! Oh by the way this toggles the mode so if it is on then hitting it one more time will turn it off.